Right After Melania Finished Speech Today, Trump Walked Behind Her And Did The UNBELIEVABLE

May 28, 2017

First, lady addressed the U.S. military personnel at the naval base in Ital this Saturday. In a very rare speech, Melania Trump talked about the sick children she met in Europe and the Middle East on her trip with her husband. Watch what Trump does at the end of the video that has the media going insane. Trump gave Melania a kiss! They even held hands before they got on the…


Oh My! Seconds Ago Trump Walked Up To Israel’s Western Wall And Did The UNTHINKABLE

May 22, 2017

President Donald Trump did something at the Western Wall that no U.S. president has ever done before. Trump walked up to the wall and stood with his hand outstretched for a second. He then left something incredible in a crack in the wall. See if you can see what Trump left at the foot of the wall in this video. Trump is the first sitting president to ever visit the Western…


Trump STUNNED Every Muslim In The World With These Four Words

May 21, 2017

Trump sent a message to every single Muslim leader in the world. Does our President have balls or what? Trump told all 50 Muslim leaders in attendance at the Summit of Muslim World Leaders this. Minutes Ago Trump Walked Up Onstage And Surprised Every Muslim Leader With These Four Words. Wait till you see what happens at 1:30 minutes in…. That was an amazing speech. Trump delivered every single line…


BREAKING: Roger Ailes Cause Of Death Is Discovered

May 20, 2017

  On Thursday morning, we reported that former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes had passed away at the age of 77. Now, the Fox News legend’s cause of death has been revealed. Independent Journal Review reported that Ailes “suffered complications” after a fall in his Palm Beach, Florida home last week and fell into a coma. It’s believed he died today as a result of a blood clot stemming from…



May 15, 2017

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) dropped a bombshell this week when he revealed that another senator had told him that he was surveilled by the Obama administration. “I know one other senator who’s already confided to me that he was surveilled by the Obama administration, including his phone calls,” Paul said, according to Breitbart. “So when this all comes out, if there are political figures from the opposition party, it’s a story…


Anderson Cooper Gets CAREER ENDING News After Reporting Fake News About Trump- He’s Done

May 13, 2017

CNN host Anderson Cooper tried to humiliate Donald Trump’s administration this week by rolling his eyes at Kellyanne Conway, the senior advisor to the president, on live television. Unfortunately for Cooper, Conway just got revenge on him in an epic way. Mad World News reported that as he interviewed Conway, Cooper repeatedly rolled his eyes at her in a condescending manner as she tried to answer his questions about the…


OMG! After ABC Reporter Called Huckabee’s Daughter a Liar, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

May 11, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just made Trump proud once again! She just completely shut down the liberal White House Reporters for the second day in a row. In this EPIC exchange, ABC reporter Jonathan Karl said President Trump wasn’t being honest about how the Comey Firing happened. Then, he implied she was a LIAR to her face and interrupted her while she tried to defend herself. “HOLD ON JONATHAN, I LET YOU FINISH AND…


Right After Firing James Comey, Trump Went And Devastated Chuck Schumer With Something Massive

May 10, 2017

Donald Trump has been on fire these last few days. The biggest of all is when he terminated FBI director James Comey for lying to Congress. Of course, Chuck Schumer tried to get in front of it and make a whole conspiracy. He actually made it seem like Trump fired Comey to cover for himself. That’s when President Trump got out his phone and blasted Senator Schumer with the one…


It’s Over: 3 Richest Democrats Just Went On FOX Today And Give Trump Something Unfathomable

May 9, 2017

This is a very special day for President Trump. This morning Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Charlie Munger went on FOX News and dropped the kind of bombshell the Left fears most. The three mega-billionaires were asked to give their opinions on President Trump as well as “tips” for him. Warren Buffet said, “I would certainly say to him [Trump] the same thing I would say to any other president—that…


Bill Maher Gets Some BAD NEWS After Making DISGUSTING Ivanka Trump Incest Joke (Video)

May 9, 2017

Bill Maher is known for the profane and vulgar political rants he gives on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher. This week, however, his fans let him know that he went too far after he made a disgusting joke about Ivanka Trump. While interviewing New York magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman on Friday night, Maher made an incest joke about Ivanka and her relationship with her father. “What do you make of…