Blunt Politician Just Called Muslims Pedophiles On LIVE TV — Watch What Immediately Happened!

With so many agendas and dishonesty in debates, it’s a rarity to see a politician who isn’t afraid to speak with unfiltered truth and not a single care for political correctness. That’s what came out last night with one badass conservative who dropped a truth bomb about Muslim’s Mohammad being a pedophile and something else from the Koran that nobody has been willing to admit before now, except him.

A revolution seems to be happening around the world with people waking up and finally saying what they have been afraid to say for years under the fear of Islamic backlash. Now, all bets are off as refugees have overrun much of Europe and people are getting sick of what they’ve done to their country.

After his own people have been reduced to second-rate citizens from Muslim refugees dominating their country, Geert Wilders unleashed his rage with an honest statement about what Islam really is, in a televised debate Tuesday night.

“Islam is the greatest threat facing the Netherlands. This is an existential problem. The future of our country is at stake. Islam and freedom don’t go together,” Wilders said, according to One huge issue to this populist leader was the immense increase in crime rates he’s seen and his people are suffering under refugee rule and he let his frustration out in a truth bomb about the religion nobody in the Netherlands was expecting him to say.

HOLY CRAP! Blunt Politician Just Called Muslims Pedophiles On LIVE TV — Watch What Immediately Happened

“Mohammed was a warlord, a pedophile,” he said, before calling for extra protection for Christian citizens who have taken a back seat to Islamic protesters in many Dutch communities. “I do defend Christians, but I also defend my Christian faith, as Jesus said to promote love for others. That Christian love resulted in Jews being sheltered from Poland here,” Wilder added, without apology for mixing his faith with politics because it’s imperative to the sanctity of his great country. “And when there was persecution in France that they could find safety here. When the Bosnians were being attacked in Sarajevo they could find refuge here, that is the Christian culture that I am proud of,” he explained.

Wilders went on to disprove the myth that Muslims like to push, which is that Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. “You know just as well as I do that Jesus you speak of does not exist in the Koran,” he said. In speaking more on the truth of who their Jesus, “Mohammed” is, Wilders bluntly pointed out that Muslims’s leader “is the opposite of Jesus and is an inspiration for people.”


Source:Freedom Daily

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