BREAKING: Trump Official RUSHED To Safety After What Mobb of Attackers Just Did To Her Outside Child’s School

On almost a daily basis,  liberals are constantly showing us just how vile and disgusting they truly are are. Whether it’s physically attacking people they don’t agree with or destroying public property, their antics truly know no bounds. Now the target of their rage is one of President Trump’s newly elected officials who had to be rushed to safety this morning after a horde of frenzied liberals spotted her in public, doing the unthinkable to prove their negative sentiments.

Ever since President Trump nominated Besy DeVos as the new Education Secretary, for whatever reason, liberals have been losing their freaking minds. While attempting to enter the Jefferson Middle School in Washington DC today, they began forming a mass in front of the doors to block her from entering. But rather than peacefully protesting, they then upped their vitriol, physically attacking DeVos who then had to be rushed to safety, escaping in a nearby vehicle.

Here’s another angle of the incident, as one bearded liberal freak begins chasing DeVos as she tries to escape, screaming in close pursuit as she is whisked away by security.

This is absolutely disgusting behavior. Liberals sure like to espouse themselves as proponents of free speech, but whenever they encounter someone they disagree with, they’ll be the first people out there doing whatever it takes to shut the person up, even if that means physically attacking them.

Could you imagine if this would’ve happened to an official that Obama had just elected? There would be massive freaking outrage! It’s truly unbelievable that liberals think that physically shoving and screaming in someone’s face is acceptable behavior!



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