Chicago’s SICK Mayor Just Gave BIG Gift To Muslim Refugees After Teen Was Gang Raped

Liberals truly are a cancer to our society. They never have the best interests of Americans in mind, but continuously romanticize breaking the law, as evidenced by their continual push to bring dangerous criminals to our country so these refugees and immigrants can “live the American dream.” And as the city streets of Chicago run red with the blood of Americans, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has just done something utterly sick to drive the knife even further into the backs of the American people he was elected to protect.

America is still reeling from the horrific news of the 14-year-old Maryland girl being gang raped last week at her high school by two nasty illegals. But that frightening story seems to only be motivating Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to speed up the process of bringing these very same types of degenerates into his city even faster, proving once again just how brain dead liberals truly are.

On Monday, Emanuel puffed out his chest in defiance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threats to cut grants for cities who don’t follow immigration laws, declaring to all immigrants and refugees: “We welcome you to Chicago!” Glamorizing anyone’s intent to break America’s laws, he spewed the following sob story at a press conference:

”You are looking a person who’s a grandson of an immigrant to the city Chicago 100 years ago in 1917. My grandfather came to Chicago when he was 13 years old because it was a welcoming city. And we are still and always will be a welcoming city whether you’re an immigrant from Poland or Pakistan, Ireland or India, Mexico or Moldova where my grandfather came. If you believe in the America dream we welcome you to Chicago.”

Is this guy serious?  But back in 1917 there was no such thing as ISIS, 14-year-old girls were not being gang raped by illegals in high school bathrooms, and there wasn’t massive amounts of illegal drugs being smuggled into America by drug cartels.

Yet again the idiocy of liberals is on full display. It’s amazing that these liberal mayors and governors across the nation would throw the lives of countless Americans into jeopardy all for the sake of playing political correctness games, while infiltrating their cities and towns with potentially dangerous criminals and terrorists. I guess until someone close to these leftist morons are gang raped in a bathroom by a refugee or illegal, they’ll never freaking care about the crimes that happen to other Americans on their watch.

Hopefully President Trump will start cracking the whip and arresting these elected officials who refuse to follow the law!


Source: Freedom Daily

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