FRIGHTENED Of Trump, Illegals Hoof It To Canada…Now Canada Is UNRAVELING!

In the weeks since Trump assumed office, he has swiftly moved to make good on his immigrations promises, including the controversial pause directed at dangerous Muslim nations.

The Left has been collectively losing what is left of their minds in response, spewing lies and ramping up efforts do delegitimize the president.

But Trump’s moves thus far have been nothing but common sense, which is exactly why so many people voted for him in the first place.

While average Americans are happy with law and order being restored, especially when it comes to our broken immigration system, some refugees and illegals are not, so they are starting to self-deport.

Good riddance!

As reported by Yahoo! News, in Canada, Manitoba’s Welcome Place refugee agency has assisted 91 claimants between November and January 25 – which is more than they normally see in a year.

We haven’t had something before like this,” said Maggie Yeboah, president of the Ghanaian Union of Manitoba,We don’t know what to do.” Many of those who have made the journey to Canada have done so on foot, and in freezing conditions.

The number of people fleeing to Canada has sharply risen over the last year, as those in the US illegally or under refugee status feel our neighbors up north will be more accommodating.

This is a very positive sign, as it shows that Trump’s policies are working. Change the incentives, and people who should not be here will leave on their own.

For those who still want to leech off the US, enforcement of laws on the books will be sufficient to send them packing.

This proves the importance of presidential leadership and how it can change the entire atmosphere of the nation.

Lawbreakers now know the jig is up because Trump will not stand by and allow the lawlessness Obama encouraged.

For too long, we have allowed foreigners to take advantage of our nation while ignoring the troubles faced by fellow citizens.

We have our own sick, poor, and jobless folks and it’s time to put Americans’ interests first, no one else.


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