Judge Who Just Let An Illegal Alien Escape ICE Through Secret Backdoor Gets Worse News of Her Life!

A Multnomah County Judge in Oregon is accused of helping an illegal immigrant escape ICE agents as they waited for the previously deported criminal outside of the court.

They believe the judge, Monica Herranz, let the criminal, Diddier Salazar, sneak out of a side or back door while the agents were waiting on the other side.

Salazar was presented to the court on account of a DUI charge. He’s already been deported once and crept back into the USA undocumented and illegally again.

The judge who is said to have helped him received really bad news – the kind of news that puts your career as a judge to an END!

There’s an ongoing investigation looking into ethical violations and criminal law violations. If she’s found guilty of either, then she could lose her law license which I believe removes her from the position of being a judge and prohibits her from returning to law practice.


Source: Freedom Daily

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  1. this is not the worst news for her, the worst news is what I want to read~~~ she is in jail awaiting trail for breaking the laws of this land! then let her lose her license! etc.,

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