Kanye West Says He Would Have Voted for Trump


For anyone that wanted to know, the word is, sadly, officially in: Kanye West is a Donald Trump supporter. In front of a stunned audience at a California concert on Thursday night, West rambled about not participating in this year’s presidential election before explaining that, had he voted, it would have been for the Republican nominee. He then scolded black Americans for “talking about race so much.” His speech was met by a chorus of boos.

Disappointed fans took to Twitter to express their outrage. But West had been leaning that way on the Trump-Clinton spectrum for months—Page Six quoted a source as early as March saying that “he’s not going to vote for Trump, but he supports him.” And there’s also the matter of those infamous Twitter rants and that “planned” 2020 candidacy. Indeed, Yeezy has enough in common with our perfectly stable President-elect to render this news, well, unsurprising.


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