Media Invades Trump’s Property To Violate Him, But He Got MASSIVE Revenge With What Was In His Basement


Throughout Trump’s campaign for president, the media treated him less than fairly. They reported half truths and painted him as a racist and bigot which of course, were all lies. Instead of the media actually doing their jobs and reporting the facts they used their platform to twist the facts.

Which brings us to this past weekend, when President Trump hosted Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his Mar a Lago resort in Florida. Trump held a photo-op and a press conference for the media, but that was not good enough for them. The media also wanted to photograph the two playing golf. So they all showed up even though they were not invited to this event. The media thought they had won their little game when Trump gave them a press room, but Trump had something else planned.

Here is their “press room”.

But, wait there’s more. While the media sat in a basement with the windows covered Trump posted this awesome image.

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Oh, sweet revenge!

You know this had them all pissed, but in all reality, it serves them right. They have not covered him fairly or his policies. Instead of them being journalists they are only concerned with bringing him down.

Trump has said in the past that if they treated him fairly he would give them more access to him, but that has not happened. Maybe when they start doing their job properly, and cover the issues instead of creating more they will get their story. Until then they can expect stupid prizes when they play these stupid games.

What do you think about President Trump’s revenge?



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