Muslim Refugees OUTRAGED After Arizona Finds Simple Way To Get Them Out Of The State-Here’s How!

Muslim refugees in one particularly savvy state in the nation are fleeing in large numbers to find refuge elsewhere in the U.S. after being sent there in droves from Barack Obama’s refugee program. There was nothing this place could do to prevent them from coming but residents found the perfect plan to get them to leave on their own once they got there. Now, these Muslims can’t get out of there fast enough after what they found out shortly after arrival.

The flood of migrants that infiltrated the nation in Obama’s last days in office, settled in some states more than others where they have become a big burden on residents who didn’t want them there to begin with. Arizona saw a massive influx, receiving more than their fair share into the state as part of the former president’s plan to resettle 110,000 refugees in America before President Donald Trump took office and dramatically slowed the immigration flow. Before the immigration ban went into effect, Arizona had already absorbed approximately 7,000 unvetted migrants that they didn’t know what to do with — until now.

While liberal states are gladly leaving their doors wide open to refugees from terrorist-tied countries, they better make room for more as there’s a new wave of them coming from Arizona. Somalis who landed there are realizing they got placed in the wrong state and the problem seems to be solving itself now at no additional cost to taxpayers who were forced to foot the bill for their new entitled neighbors. They also brilliantly avoided the penalty imposed by Obama should they have shipped them out, rather than these leeches leaving on their own.

Two months after arriving in the Phoenix area, a Somali refugee and her seven kids were packing up their bags and heading to Minnesota where things would be much better for them in one big way they weren’t getting in Arizona. Bilad Yusuf, like thousands of others who recently arrived, found out that the welfare wasn’t free and they were going to have to work to earn it and were also expected to learn the language.

“We didn’t know how to get jobs here, and even if we did, we didn’t know how we’d get to them,” she complained in her native tongue which had to be interpreted by a translator. Yusuf has actually been in the U.S. for longer than her time in Arizona, as she and her kids were first dropped off in Houston before being transferred to Phoenix. With all that time on her hands in the state, she didn’t get a job or bother to learn English, which backfired on her and other refugees in the same boat who wound up in Arizona.

“Stranded in the urban sprawl without a car, they found themselves lost: Where were they supposed to get groceries? How did they go about setting up long-overdue doctor’s appointments? How would they pay rent after their initial stipend from the U.S. government ran out?” Phoenix New Times reported. These were questions that the state decided the refugees need to answer for themselves.

Yusuf and her older children were all capable of getting jobs and didn’t since their communication skills were practically non-existence and they didn’t do anything about it. Now they’re on their way to Minnesota where, like the majority of Somali Muslims in the country, they have family there. Minnesota is also one of the most refugee-friendly states in the nation, catering more to these Muslims over their own citizens. So, Yusuf and all of her kids will be more than comfortable there and no longer Arizona’s problem.

Mukhtar Sheikh, the program coordinator for the Somali Association of Arizona said “refugees who are resettled in Arizona receive relatively little financial assistance from the state. In fact, their main source of cash assistance is the federal government,” according to Phoenix New Times.

After receiving a one-time payment of $925, refugees in Arizona are expected to get a job and are given resources to help them do so, which apparently aren’t used too often. Although they are given limited food stamps and access to some medical services after the lump sum is spent, they often run out of these resources before the end of every month and want more handouts like what Muslims other states receive.  For this reason, they give up on Arizona and run to the first state that will make like easier for them so they don’t have to work or learn the language and can live comfortably.

Arizona’s legal and effective approach to combating the immigration issue in their own state has prevented Muslims from being host to cells of uneducated colonies of refugees who don’t seek to better themselves and exist to leech off others. These groups don’t assimilate into our culture, they take from it while wreaking havoc on communities who are forced to accept them.

Source: Freedom Daily

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