Queen’s 90th year marked by fashion and rock photographer


A previously unseen portrait of the Queen by a photographer famed for his work on album covers and fashion has been released by Buckingham Palace to mark the end of the year in which the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday.

Nick Knight, well-known for his fashion collaborations with Alexander McQueen, Yves St Laurent and Yohji Yamamoto as well as album covers for artists such as David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Bjork and Paul Weller, photographed the monarch and Prince Charles in the white drawing room at Windsor Castle.

The picture, shot last May before the final night of the Queen’s celebrations at the Royal Windsor horse show, has Prince Charles in a dinner jacket standing beside the Queen.

Knight, 58, whose debut publication in 1982 was a book called Skinhead, has had his work showcased in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Saatchi Gallery.

“It was a great pleasure and an honour to photograph Her Majesty the Queen and the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle. I wanted to create a modern portrait that showed warmth and humanity as well as strength and tradition,” he said of his portrait.

The Queen thanked those who helped her celebrated her special day with a party in the Mall but said at the time: “How I will feel if people are still singing happy birthday to me in December remains to be seen.”



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