SHOCKING NEWS: American City Has Been TAKEN OVER By Radical Muslims, Trump Was RIGHT!(VIDEO)

Sanctuary cities have run loose for long enough. They were incentivized under the Obama administration and now under the Trump administration he is going to ensure they are as minimal as possible. The town of Dearborn, Michigan is one of those cities. A city overrun by immigrants, with an influx in mosques, churches, and Islamic stores.

President Obama had a very liberal immigration policy. As such a large increase in the immigrant population was seen. Now as they become rooted in our communities they are beginning to start businesses. But they are all businesses catered towards people in it community who speak a different language other than English.

A lot of these political refugees are on welfare and using entitlement benefits. Meaning the American taxpayers are paying for their lifestyle.

The United States is already struggling with inadequate healthcare, a declining job market, stagnating businesses struggling to survive and an increasing incidence of homelessness. The issue of over population due to liberal immigration policies is the straw that will break the camels back.


Source: Freedom Daily

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