Trump Drops PHENOMENAL Bombshell On The Troops

During his election campaign, Donald Trump made it clear that he cared about all Americans, while adding that the men and women in uniform have a special place in his heart.

This was obvious when he made sure that the military was front and center during his inauguration festivities.

However, Trump has done more than just utter the occasionally patriotic cliche. He has promised to clean up the disgraceful mess at the Veterans’ Administration, for example.

In smaller ways, he has also demonstrated his respect for America’s military.

For example, he recently had lunch at a Florida military base, eager to talk one on one with America’s finest:


Trump kept the conversation light, asking service members what they thought of the Super Bowl and cracking jokes, but many of his supporters were likely thrilled just to see the commander-in-chief sitting down with the troops.



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  1. At least President Trump has a good heart for our troops.
    Obama wanted to disgrace our troops even though they fought for Obama’s freedom

  2. Despite all the fake news, PresidentTrump is being a very great President as a servant and as a leader. Please keep the Trump Administration in your prayers and thanksgivings. AG Sessions called for the immediateresignation of 140 federal judges. God bless him for this! #DrainTheSwamp

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