Crowd ERUPTS Over Shock Announcement Trump Just Dropped About What He’s Doing To Muslims In America NOW! (VIDEO!)

The main event at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) today was this morning when President Trump took the stage and shocked with an announcement that instantly caused the crowd to erupt. Without a single care for political correctness and absolute concern over citizens’ safety, our unapologetic Commander-in-Chief revealed the brutal truth of what he’s about to do to Muslims who have no business being in America.

The room was beaming with patriotism and appreciation for our assertive president, the second he took the podium and began to discuss his immediate plans for America. As every proud conservative in the room hung onto his every powerful word, he saved the best admission for midway through when he didn’t hold back about what Muslims are about to experience on U.S. soil.

Freedom Daily’s editor was present for the president’s speech and captured the incredible moment on film, when Trump said that “we are going to kick radical Islamist terrorists the hell out of our country!” He barely finished his statement when the room went wild in approval over this action that we’ve all desperately been wanting for the last eight years.

It’s absolutely incredible to have a president in the White House who cares more about protecting American families than he does Muslims’ feelings. Muslims who are upset about it only identify themselves as potential terrorists since any Islamist who is innocent doesn’t have to worry about being included in the group of those on the receiving end of Trump unapologetic and perfectly non-politically correct plan.

Trump promised to make America great again and he’s doing that with every radical he kicks out of our country that Obama allowed to be here.


Source: Freedom Daily

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  1. YES! YES! YES!!!!!! That’s my President, right there!!!!!!!! He’s a REAL President!! Haven’t had one for a long time!!! He took the oath to follow the LAWS of this country and it’s Constitution!!!! And he promised to make America safe and strong again!!!! AND HE’S GOING TO DO IT!! Can’t wait to see what happens to their camps and Chicago! And anywhere else them murdering sand-fleas are at!! God be with you Trump!!!!

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