IT’S FINISHED! Trump Left SHOCKED After What Syrian President Just Told Him Moments Ago

This is one interview that liberals and Democrats must watch. Pay very close attention to it. Take your left-wing blinders off and shut up for about five minutes. Don’t protest this. Just watch and learn.

This is the Syrian President, Bashar Assad, telling a reporter something very important about refugees in an interview with Michael Isikoff from Yahoo News.

You’re about to find out that refugees are terrorists. Listen for yourself.

Here’s the Syrian President speaking out about his own people. Even he knows that terrorists hide among the refugees. It’s a Trojan Horse gift that comes with some very sick people who are hell bent on blowing up America with their attacks.

Syrian President Bashar Assad recently told Yahoo news something that will leave every reporter with their jaw on the floor. Syrian President Bashar Assad told Yahoo News that some refugees from his country are “definitely” terrorists.

He said that there is definitely a risk to letting refugees in because some of them are “aligned with terrorists.”

“You can find it on the Net,” Assad went on: “Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West.”

When Germany, France, and Sweden are destroyed by refugees…

When women and children are gang raped by refugees…

When hundreds are shot, blown up, or ran over by trucks by refugees…

This is all the information you should need. It’s enough for President Trump, that’s for sure!

If you still want refugees in our country, then buy them a plane ticket and let them move into your home. Otherwise, shut up about it.

Who is first to let refugees live in their home? No takers? I didn’t think so. I knew you would all say no. You like to say “let them come over” but you’re not willing to give them a home? If they come over and have no family already living here, then where exactly do you expect them to live? I’ll wait. Be here all day folks. I know you don’t have an answer and I know you’re not letting them live with you.

I’m not interested in helping people from another country when there are people on my block who deserve help first.

Until all of our homeless and jobless are taken care of, especially veterans who fought for our freedom, then I don’t want to see a refugee anywhere near our country.

Why don’t the neighboring countries take them in? Why and how are they even getting here? Who’s paying for the plane or boat ride?

Better not be my taxes.



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