Look What Refugees Are Secretly Doing In Droves Now After Trump’s Immigration Order!

Barack Obama had welcomed in over 10,000 refugees from Syria while he was President – a resettlement program that Donald Trump vowed to end when he took office.

In the executive order that included Trump’s 90-day travel ban (inaccurately reported in the media as a “Muslim ban”), Trump also suspended resettling refugees from Syria for 120 days. Instead, he’s helping refugees by working with Saudi Arabia to build safe zones to house them in the Middle East. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, it’s 12 times cheaper to resettle refugees in the Middle East than in America.

To virtue signal to the world how tolerant they are, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada would welcome in more refugees. If they want to bear the costs, good on them I guess. Trump didn’t even have to threaten to make Canada take the refugees – and pay for it!

As you’d guess, they’re now flocking to Canada. According to Western Journalism:

In the aftermath of a hard-fought U.S. presidential election and the subsequent inauguration of President Donald Trump, refugees are leaving the United States in growing numbers to seek asylum in Canada.

Manitoba’s Welcome Place, the province’s largest refugee settlement agency, helped 91 individuals seeking asylum between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25. This three month total represented more asylum seekers than the agency previously processes in a typical year.

Many of those the agency assisted braved the freezing prairie winter to walk into Canada, according to Reuters reporting.

With a U.S. federal appeals court set to decide Tuesday whether or not to restore the president’s controversial executive order barring refugees from seven countries from entering the United States, asylum seekers and others without formal documents to be in the United States have been in and out of legal limbo in the last seven days.

“They will make a dash for Canada, whether they are going to go through cold weather to die or not, ” said Abdikheir Ahmed, a Somali immigrant in Winnipeg who assists refugees in making asylum claim.

Some are entering Canada legally, others illegally, at points all along the U.S.-Canadian border. According to the Canada Border Services Agency, there were 7,000 refugee applicants entered Canada in 2016 through land ports of entry from the United States, a 63 percent increase from the prior year.

Think some may hop the U.S.-Canada border to enter our country? That’s a risk I don’t think anyone considered – but if there are any terrorists who manage to slip through the cracks, that will be concern #1.



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