One Simple Winter Style Move That’s Reliable as Hell (and Happens to Look Great)

Liev Schreiber is one of those guys that gives New York City style a good name. Whether he’s taking his kids to school or riding his bike around town, he always looks sharp. Not in a look-at-me way, just in a empirically handsome and classically well-dressed manner. Today is a perfect example. In reaction to the chilly weather this morning the actor slipped on a double-breasted navy coat and matching knit beanie. It’s a combo that’s basic as hell, but always looks fantastic—especially when it’s executed with class.

Instead of grabbing an ordinary two-button topcoat, Liev opted for a double-breasted style, flipping up the collar and buttoning it up in just the right way (i.e. not all the way to the bottom). The coat fits him like a glove and gave his jeans and sneakers a masculinity and polish that was somewhat needed. The knit beanie was expertly handled as well. We dig that he didn’t pull it tight and roll it up, which can sometimes look too fisherman-like, instead leaving a little slack at the top.

Bottom line: This effortless, can’t-go-wrong combo was only improved in the actor’s hands. You would not be wrong to follow in his footsteps. Here, black and navy options to get you started.

vince-navy-beanie.jpgVince Cashmere Beanie, $95, available at

jcrew navy-topcoat.jpgJ.Crew Ludlow Wool Coat, $475, available at


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