“We’re Watching”, Mike Pence Just Sent Brutal Message To Iran, It’s Unprecedented

It’s truly sickening how radical Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and their allies abused the United States during the eight years of President Barack Hussein Obama’s tenure in the White House, four of which were spent with corrupt criminal Hillary Clinton as our nation’s top diplomat.

It was truly pathetic and sad how America was brought to heel under Obama’s spineless leadership, as he went on a nonstop world apology tour. Finally, a President who is standing up for our country is in the White House, and our Vice President Mike Pence just sent the Middle East an epic message that it’s no longer “business as usual.”

Pence has long been a critic of Obama’s failed policies with Iran. Last year he chastised Obama by saying, “Most Americans are reeling this week with the news that the Obama administration delivered 400 million in cash to the mullahs in Iran on the very day that they released four hostages.”

On January 29th, Iran decided to test the resolve of President Donald Trump’s mission to destroy radical Islamic terrorism by firing a missile. They got harsh payback when Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran and said that all options, including those involving the military, were now on the table.

Warned Pence, “We’re watching. Iran would do well to look at the calendar and realize there’s a new president in the Oval Office. And Iran would do well not to test the resolve of this new president.” Are you glad that we finally have a President and Vice President who are protecting Americans?



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